This is Me – Julie Lassen

I am excited by the journey I am on and think of my parents and the quality of life they would have enjoyed had my journey begun earlier.  I have had a melanoma removed from my face and 2 cm of tissue taken from the site right around and then what they call a flap reconstruction.  They pulled up the skin from my neck and attached.  The surgeon did an amazing job and it really is in my laughter lines. You can’t see it can you.  I  want positive and progressive people who believe in themselves to join my team.  We will be a part of Team Fusion with a strong mission and great rules to help and support each other.

I am married and have an amazing 13 year old daughter we live in a lovely home on Huntsbury Hill along with 1 goldfish and 3 rabbits.  I love my life and the difference I am making to the world.