Men’s and Women’s Brains Function Differently!

Dr Qutab recently shared that our brains –  Men’s and Women’s function very differently.  I think we all knew that after all, we all read the book Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.

A direct quote: “Despite the fact that Men’s and Women’s brains function differently, they both need Omega 3’s to function optimally. Are you taking your fish oil daily?”

And that all important question – are you taking your Kyani?

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I feel better, sleep better and have a general sense of well-being from using these products.

The Scientific Symposium

On the 12th of March 2017, Those attending ILA (International Leadership Academy) enjoyed an inspirational Scientific Symposium with the Kyani Scientific Advisory Board doctors sharing the latest research in achieving wellness through proper nutrition—both inside and out. #KyaniILA

Frances Sullivan, living in Perth, Australia said: “Inspirational! Our products are exceptional and unique!”

Barbara Vicary also from Perth in Australia said: “Was wonderful and so interesting and motivating!”

If you were wondering how big an event the ILA is?  Answer:  growing rapidly – in 63 countries and 14,000 people attended this event.  Yes, 14,000. That is huge!  Yes, huge!  Guess what? There is only a couple of hundred in New Zealand as we are still in pre-launch.  Watch this space.  I am building a team and we are all going to be Diamonds – all 20 of us.  Joining now before we launch the most amazing skin care – 100% natural is a game changer.