I Adore Blueberries!

How many benefits of Blueberries can you think of?

Which is your favourite one?

Blueberries can do so many good things for you.

Did you know there is documented science that state all the good things that blueberries can do for you?

Be sure to get wild Alaskans berries in a very easy delivery system.  They are the best.

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Do you Experience Fatigue and Weakness

Dr Qutab stated today:

“If you experience Fatigue and Weakness, you may be deficient in Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants. Your body requires these to function optimal.”


Since I have been using Kyani I have been feeling better, sleeping better and have a general sense of well-being.  I strongly recommend if you are feeling fatigue and weakness do your 30-day money back trial of the Triangle of Health.

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Men’s and Women’s Brains Function Differently!

Dr Qutab recently shared that our brains –  Men’s and Women’s function very differently.  I think we all knew that after all, we all read the book Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.

A direct quote: “Despite the fact that Men’s and Women’s brains function differently, they both need Omega 3’s to function optimally. Are you taking your fish oil daily?”

And that all important question – are you taking your Kyani?

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I feel better, sleep better and have a general sense of well-being from using these products.