I sit in my home office working on my wedding ceremonies with excitement building, gaining momentum, rising up to the point I want everyone to know.

The sad part is others don’t seem to want to share in the excitement and join me.  What could be more exciting than having a fail proof way to make a difference and set you up for life in the process?

It’s FUN when you get to share your passion with people who can get excited.  I need one particular person who wants to share in my passion and travel with me to Melbourne for a fun few days.

I would love my best buddy Sue to be that person, but the timing is not right.  My theory there is really no time like the present, and we can share so much.  I have one business position left that I have to put someone in.  This place is close to me, and it needs someone who will get excited.

This particular person will be someone who can talk with me, and we can feed off each others passion.  An ideas person!  I need to share my thoughts and discuss the opportunities.  We will be able to talk to each other for hours.  We will discuss and strategize on ways to share our excitement with others.


I want someone who won’t hold back.  I want someone who I can talk to and share with.

Call me on 027 2782248 if you are the person I am looking for!

PS:  Just for the record – that is not me at the top!


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