I have a very clear WHY?  It’s important you also have your own clear “why”.  If you do then on the tough days; the days when everyone says no; those days when you get trampled on by those dream stealers.  They are the days that you need that strong “why”.

Why am I building a strong team of people where I will assist 20 people to become diamonds.  Diamonds are after all a “girls best friend”.   I have four women already and will find 16 others who are like me who have a big “Why”.  However, that is not my why! That is though how I get to deliver on my why!  (If you want to be a Diamond – talk to me!)

Yes my WHY!

I am going to give $100,000 away to those in poverty here and overseas to impact lives.  I feel very strongly that we need to impact lives. I need to make a difference its not for the glory or accolades it’s because I have a deep need to make that difference.

My WHY – part two!

In the back of my mind is also the need to provide for New Zealand woman free Thermograms – I will gift the machines to the health boards so they can give them free.  I am not sure what this exercise will cost, and this will take a few years, but I will do it.  Anyone who has known me for a long time knows that if I intend to do something I will.  By choice, I will no longer have a mammogram.

This graphic shared today by a strong advocate for Thermograms is doing her bit to spread the word and encourage the woman to pay for this service. You can read more about the service that is providing this very real alternative to the mammogram.   http://www.clinicalthermography.co.nz/


The second why

I know so many women who have had a brush with breast cancer, including a member of my family and to many friends have been challenged as well.  One of my friends, also a Julie,  was married in a beautiful, emotional ceremony with her close family and young daughter who must be 13 now. I kept it together as the tears rolled down everyone’s faces and I think it was only a matter of days that she left us.  It was a large funeral, and because my daughter was about the same age at the time, I felt the pain very deeply. Julie’s death is my why for this project, she died too young, and she will always be remembered.   

I was told you need to get a lump in your throat when you talk about your why – I have that choked up feeling as I type this blog!

It would be nice is the government decided to invest in Thermograms and phase out the mammograms sooner rather than later.  This would be huge for the woman of NZ.  Imagine the savings in lives and long-term treatment and bills.



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