OK time for a guessing game….  50 million people suffer from what?

Arthritis – an inflammation-based disease.

Dr Qutab states: “Over 50 million people suffer from arthritis. 1 in 5 people you meet has some sort of pain and inflammation.”

I, unfortunately, am the “one”.  I don’t mind be singled out as the number one of many occasions but not so keen on being this “one” in five.

Yes, the pain in my hands has been delibating at times, but no one would never have known, I kept it as my own cross to bear.  It’s hard to tell anyone who is suffering, and I know many suffer quietly, and it should not be like this.  Change your diet; don’t eat this; don’t drink this; do this and do that.  Well-meaning friends and family all share their collective wisdom.

Fast forward two months after taking Kyani the pain in my hands has disappeared.  There have been other benefits as well, but today we are talking only about arthritis.  The Triangle of Health is the answer to my prayers.

As a reminder, I ran out of product because I gave a sample to a friend who badly needed it.  Only to go four long days until the goods arrived at the door.  Auto-ship a beautiful thing – you set it up, and the products will come every month to keep you going.  I now encourage anyone who I find suffering to take a 30-day trial (money back guarantee) and if they do that they will want to continue.  I know I will be using my Kyani for the rest of my life.

Dr Qutab states “Research studies show Omega 3 can reduce and modulate inflammation and help people with Arthritic disorders.”

Oh I love my Kyani, I live Kyani,

With love Julie Lassen Transformations



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