*10-Year-Old Company

*Member with Direct Sellers Association

*Operating in 64+ Countries…a Sleeping Giant!



I’ll Show YOU How to YOU can get your dream car with our Proven System!

I am excited that I am on my own Kyani mission is to empower people globally to experience more in their lives: better health, more wealth, and a lot of fun along the way. The Kyani products are natural, and they work together to achieve a synergistic effect of providing your body with an unrivalled source of vital nutrients.

With an industry leading compensation plan and high impact products, Kyani is at the forefront of a booming industry – an industry you can be part of.

Talk about an Opportunity of a Lifetime!

This is your opportunity!

Kyäni’s “Drive Your Dream Car” program is a five-tiered incentive that allows you to drive in style on our program. This car reward program is the most aggressive car program in the industry. For a moderate level of activity by you, you can earn $500 per month toward a white Audi A4. And that is only the beginning! Are you excited yet?  Each new tier allows you to select from many top quality cars. Tier two steps you up to $1,200 month.  Then at tier three is $2,500 a month. Finally, tier four is an incredible $5,000 per month! (There is a tier five!)


You can choose your car now and set a goal to earn this incentive.

It is time to take the necessary action to make this dream a reality.

Making a car payment is only fun when Kyäni gives you the money to do it!

Qualify for HUGE Bonuses!

Earn huge cash bonuses as you work your way up the ranks in our highly lucrative compensation plan!

Earn Money Multiple Ways!

1. Customer Program
– Earn up to 60% Commissions on Customers’ Purchases – Weekly

2. Group Team Bonus – Earn $25, $100, $200 or $1,000+ per week by People Joining Your Team –Weekly
3. Kyäni PayGate Accumulator – Passive Income – Paid Multiple Payouts on the Same Volume (Bottom UP!)
4. Generational Check Match – No Break-Away Matching Checks Up to 9 Generations!
5. 5-Tier Car Program – Qualify at the Sapphire Level (10,000qv)!
6. Loyalty Bonus – For your Golden Years! Retirement? (Industry FIRST!)

Kyäni also Rewards You with Monthly Promotions, Rank Bonuses $5,000 ~ $1,000,000, Incentive Trips and more!


Just look at these incredible one-time cash bonuses.

What could that do for your family’s lifestyle or retirement nest egg?



5-Tier Car Program

Rank Qualification

(10,000 qv)
($1,000 down)
(100,000 qv)
($4,000 down)
Green Diamond
Red Diamond
Black Diamond


What Kyani Offers You

Kyani offers you a unique opportunity in which you can earn a stable, residual income based on a direct sales business model. By sharing the products and the opportunity with others, our distributors are able to establish their own successful business and help friends and family to establish theirs as well.  Creating leverage gives you the lifestyle many people dream of.  Together with your successful business you also earn well-deserved recognition and lucrative rewards along the way—including fully-paid domestic and international trips.

Five Reason Why You Should Choose Kyani?
Reason No 1: Kyani Products – Unique/Done For You Model!
Reason No 2: The Next Trend – Health & Wellness Industry!
Reason No 3: Kyani Pay Plan – High Payout, NO Breakaway!
Reason No 4: Kyani Founders – Long-Term Vision!
Reason No 5: Personal Growth – Become More in Life!
BONUS REASON: SKIN CARE – is coming and this opens up a new market


Wherever you are in the world you can join us and earn your dream car.  Help your friends to get their dream car.  Then help each other get your luxury dream car.  It is very exciting.



What else do you need to know?  A good question.  You have to use the products and believe in the products they are the vehicle for you to get that car you want.

Here is a short video on the amazing products for you to enjoy.



This company wants to help you make money and here is a 6.55 minute video to watch and learn about the ways to get money.


To get started click below and work out your initial investment.  Be sure to take an enrolment pack as it has everything you need to get started and you do need to use the product to be successful.

You will be welcomed to our on-line community and training.

Lets rock this world and get you your car.




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