Yesterday I was at the Summer Wedding Expo at the beautiful Trent’s Estate Winery. It was a gorgeous day and when the doors opened everyone flocked in.  It was extremely busy for the first two hours. Together with my wedding display I also had my Kyani display.



I am passionate about the Kyani products, compensation plan, caring hands, well in fact absolutely everything.  All my life I have done things to help people.  I believe it’s in my DNA – I must help people, I must make a difference.  I am a giver, and I see abundance and opportunity everywhere.

I can make a difference with Kyani.  It’s a very easy business to do – share the opportunity and share the difference the products can make.  Everyone needs these products, The Triangle of Health.

REPAIR, DEFEND, MAINTAIN – that should have you thinking where is your body at currently in the repair stage, perhaps defending or maybe maintaining.

So here are my 10 reasons why you should act now.

  1.   Everyone needs Kyani,  most people just don’t understand why yet.
  2.   The Triangle of Health can impact your health.
  3.    The compensation plan is the best in the world.
  4.    The company is the fastest growing company in the world.
  5.    The company has a firm basis on which it has built for the last 10 years.
  6.    The Founders do not take any money out of Kyani.
  7.    They developed the products before deciding on the delivery method.
  8.    MLM’s make the most millionaires, and it is the biggest industry in the world.
  9.    Caring Hands if a fantastic charity and everyone wants to support the projects.
  10.     In NZ we are in pre-launch phase, and it is getting set to launch – now is the time to join if you understand MLM as we are going into China.

Our SUNRISE has wild blueberries and Dr Oz tells you how special they are.



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