Today I had a meeting with Jason Bailey who was the first individual to be a Sapphire in our team and have his car.  It is super exciting to spend time with him as he is a visionary and with the knowledge he has we are indeed making things happen.  It’s very exciting!

Next stop for Jason is to reach Ruby, and that is NZ$4600 a month. (That certainly would be helpful!)  Twelve months ago he was brave enough to walk away from construction work on an oil and gas project.  He worked as electrical trade assistant earning an average of $200,000 per annum and working an average of 80 hours plus per week.   Being a slave to the wage.

He saw the opportunity with Kyani and threw away everything he had known for 15 years – all his working career.  With no option to go back into that industry and the opportunity to be in a pre-launch phase in New Zealand with the world’s best health supplement in the world, he quickly decided to gain knowledge and understanding of the product, the compensation plan,  the Founders and the incredible opportunity it can bring.  As a Pearl rank in the company averaging  $4100 a month, he went to the Manila Convention, the Australia grand opening in Adelaide and the NZ prelaunch on the 2nd of May (2016) at the Auckland Sky Tower. 15902849_10154769720597332_1063774486_o.jpg

He decided to come home to Christchurch and connect with like-minded people.

His first stop, carrying a letter from Kyani, stating his rank,  income and car payment plan, was to Mercedes-Benz (Link to Mercedes-Benz).

Jason had No NZ drivers licence, no NZ bank account, and yet he walked in with the letter and out with a new $56,000 A180 Mercedes Benz to get things rolling.  A pretty nice ride for a mobile home office.

He reconnected with friends he has not seen or heard from for a decade plus, handed them the product to trial and said he would be in touch in a week.  Low and behold they all needed the product and were unaware of the business opportunity.

Jason found one of his closest childhood friends, Jay van Lent who has now become the second Sapphire and has brand new CLA200 Mercedes.

We are all a part of Team Fusion which results in rapid, explosive growth for everyone involved.  I am building my team and plan to have my car next.  15871408_10154769739602332_1649264630_n.jpg

Back to Jason’s vision – the excitement and energy we are creating for this business are paramount.  This product not only can change people’s lives for health, wellbeing and wealth,  but it can also modify the mindset and economy of the entire country.

From what Team Fusion has created over the last two years is nothing the network marketing industry has ever seen.  Kyani’s vision is to be bigger than the largest network marketing company – 11 billion and the best part is you, and I can be part of that.

The network marketing profession grossed last year 184 billion dollars in revenue sales.  No other industry can compete with network marketing.  Team Fusion Kyani is taking it to the next level, and there will never be an opportunity like there is right now.  People cannot imagine the rewards and rapid speed that Team Fusion will bring to us involved here in NZ. Did you know that we will have many millionaires within NZ directly as a result of Kyani and Team Fusion?


Over the next five years, Kyani is predicting to become a 5 billion company and impacting a million through its compensation plan which pays out 52-58 percent of all profits to its Distributors. Kyani’s Founders have never sold or failed at a business.  They have no exit strategy from Kyani, and they plan to make it generational with no exit plan.

Jason and I talked about our collective vision.  There will be no homeless people in  Christchurch – there will be no poverty – we are changing it.

I urge you to take the opportunity now.

Sure you can wait and see what happens, but with explosive growth, you are in a much better position to do it now!

Here is the link to start right Now!


I need to say to my family: 

Do you love me?

Do you trust me?

Do you respect me?

Join Kyani, Use the Product and Together we will change the world. 

Message me if you want to know more or any have any questions.

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