Isn’t that very scary – 81,100,000 – that is lots of zeros.

Watch this to feel totally depressed about the health of Americans.



What if you and I could impact the 81,100,000 Americans have Cardiovascular Disease?

So pleased that the company I represent has NitroFx – they mention it in this video. I  I found this while searching for information on heart health.   If you have any of the conditions mentioned here you need to  follow this link and order your products today.

Here is the 9 benefits just in case you need more convincing to take action:


  • Promotes Increased Energy
  • Encourages Blood Flow
  • Supports Healthy Circulation
  • Encourages Healthy Inflammation Response
  • Encourages Heart Health
  • Maintains Sexual Function
  • Supports Cognitive Function
  • Sustains the Immune System
  • Supports Nutrient Absorption

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Nitric Oxide: The Molecule of Life

In 1998, three scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology of Medicine for their work on Nitric Oxide. Now called “The Molecule of Life,” Nitric Oxide has been shown to positively influence:

Blood Circulation
One of Nitric Oxide’s most important qualities is the ability to dilate the blood vessels, thus maintaining healthy circulation and heart health.

Nitric Oxide is a “signaling molecule” that supports healthy inflammatory response.

Brain Function
Nitric Oxide is an essential chemical messenger, supporting the body’s natural ability to store and retrieve information in the brain.

Nitric Oxide supports motility and microcirculation, promoting blood flow and nutrient delivery throughout the body.

Sexual Function
Nitric Oxide has been shown to maintain healthy blood flow, which is essential to sexual libido, performance, and satisfaction.

“In my 25 years of research, I have never seen a molecule [like Nitric Oxide] that so pervasively influences normal and abnormal body functions.”
Dr. Solomon Snyder Director of Neuroscience, John Hopkins Medical School

Here is a link to the Science Click here for the Science.

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