Right from the get go they are telling me that this is truly unique.  Yes it says in my welcome letter “First, it is important to understand that Kyani is truly unique.”

There is no other company like Kyani in the world.  Its wonderful that the Founders have remarkable business experience and their own financial success, providing Kyani with an unparalleled leadership and financial stability.   To add to that each of the products are high-impact and developed with  cutting edge scientific research and product development.

I will be telling you more about Kyani’s Health Triangle  and the synergy of this offers one-of-a-kind nutrition for you and your family.

They have a line in our company you, your family and your customers will “Experience More”.  The products yield results and because of that Kyani experiences, explosive growth, as we all share the stories with the world.

Every business needs a lucrative compensation plan.  You can achieve your wildest dreams if you believe you can.  You will EXPERIENCE MORE”.

I am the CEO of my own business.  I am taking responsibility for my  own business but I will take advantage of the infrastructure and experience already in place to support me.  I have found a mentor and I am prepared to do what I need to do “The future is now!”


If you want to be the CEO of your own company and prepared to work to make it happen.  Join me and together we will be successful.

Look, Love, Learn, Leverage and Live your Dream

with wisdom and love

Julie Lassen Transformations


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