I really enjoyed getting my box and opening it up to find my products and a welcome letter from Michael Breshears, CEO, Kyani.

It was nice for them to say “We are honoured by your decision to partner with us”.

I am understanding for the first time in my networking career, that I need to find my top 20 people, whom I would like to partner with.  Not just anyone.  I need people who are positive, progressive, enthusiastic, entrepreneurs; people who have a strong WHY to motivate them.  Together we will achieve greatness.

My WHY is huge, I shared it with a friend today and sharing it with you here.   Yes every year, starting in 2018, I am going to give $100,000 away to charity.  I want to make a difference in the world.

So what is the vehicle for me to achieve this success.  Kyani is in pre-launch phase in New Zealand and my goal is to get my partners in place  before it is launched.

Why this company?  I like that it is an international health and wellness company. It has in other countries experienced explosive growth.  It is about being in the right place at the right time.   They tell me now, more than ever before, Kyani can provide you with the opportunity to “Experience More”



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